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Crock-Pot is the name used to refer to all kinds of crock pot, especially Slow-cooker pots. Do not confuse Slow-cooker with Slow Food. While the former is a cooking technique, subject of this post, the second term refers to a movement that emerged in the late 80’s with the aim of enhancing food. It is a movement in clear opposition to Fast food. It is very easy to find the best crock pot nowadays; after all there are thousands of options on the web today. You will be able to use the best crock pot while spending less than what you imagine, getting all those delicious meals ready in no time.

What is theĀ best crock pot

Slow-cooker, or the act of cooking food slowly is not new. For many years already cooked beans in iron pots over the fire for several to several hours. But in 1971 came the Crock-Pot, a name that became synonymous with this type of pan. It was an electric cooker with ceramic container inside. She gained a lot of popularity for a simple need of time: time. You can have fun with the best small slow cooker!

The women were entering the labor market intensely and could no longer spend several hours preparing family meals. With the Crock-Pot housewife and now working, chopped and put all the ingredients in the pot before you leave for work and when he returned he had a hot and tasty meal to serve.

Te best small slow cooker today

Today cooker (Crock-Pot) is used more because of the benefits of slow cooking; for lack of time came the frozen meals widespread from the 90s. Cook slowly in a Crock-Pot can add much flavor to food, and transform the collagen of meat in gelatine, which makes them extremely soft. Most pots on the market are very simple and easy to use. Basically you choose between two or three cooking options (more or less slow). You can have at home best small slow cooker and have this model … Read the rest...